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  • Minimum wage rates and agreements
  • Approach redundancies and dismissal
  • Managing workplace absenteeism
  • Legal salary rates and annual leave for staff
  • Advice on the 90 days trial period
  • Any queries relating to the Employment Relations Act

As an employer, I'm constantly faced with issues around things like employee awards, wage rates and legislation that go beyond my experience or knowledge. I used to Google. Now I call the helpline. They provide me the answer right away."

Julie - Racing Services QLD
Employsure Client
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Why is EmployerLine free?

Because we’re confident you’ll find the Employsure experience so beneficial, we’re happy to offer this initial consultation free of charge.

This way, when you encounter more complex, ongoing issues with Employment Relations Act, you’ll already know that Employsure are the experts you can trust.

Besides, employees have unions, industry associations, the Employment Relations Authority.

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We are here to be your support and adviser. We only work with employers. Nobody else. We work with thousands of businesses like yours. We’re on your side.

Ask us anything. Tell us what you’re thinking. It’s entirely confidential.

Let’s work together, to make sure you get it right.

Zeke Bennett - Maintain Me
Employsure Client

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Over 4,500 business owners trust Employsure's specialist advice.

Employsure takes the complexity out of workplace laws to help small business employers protect their business and their people.

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From contracts right through to safety… you suddenly have that safety net, all the information you need in one place to make sure that you’ve got it right.

Lesley Jacobs - Country Charm Furniture
Employsure Client

We have used the advice line via phone and email and the staff have always been quick to respond and provided the advice and information we needed."

Sarah Willsher - Fix It Digital Solutions Limited
Employsure Client

If we need any advice they're at the end of the phone, and will guide you through whatever it is you're trying to navigate."

Steve Marychurch - M R Decorating Limited
Employsure Client
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