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Do you know where to turn for advice and support on the Employment Relations Act?
We can help you with:

  • Pay rates and Minimum Wage Changes

  • Dismissal and Redundancy

  • Employee Agreements

  • Personal grievances

  • Changes to employment legislation

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About Employsure

Employsure takes the complexity out of workplace laws to help small business employers protect their business and their people. Speak with us to be sure you are:

  • Protected
  • Compliant
  • Up-to-date
  • Workplace confident

Employsure makes workplace compliance easy

  • Lesley Jacobs
    Country Charm Furniture

    From contracts right through to safety… you suddenly have that safety net, all the information you need in one place to make sure that you’ve got it right.

    October 2017 | Silverdale, New Zealand
  • Regan Dowdall
    Crane & Cartage

    If I was to give another business owner advice on health and safety, it's definitely to get the right advice. We use Employsure for what we do.

    August 2018 | Auckland, New Zealand
  • Carl Sowter
    Marley Loft

    A big point for us was actually having compliant employment contracts which we now have through Employsure. We also needed a help desk for all of our questions.

    September 2018 | Auckland, New Zealand